My name is Angel Turner Dyke.  I am a contemporary abstract painter, I create beautiful, interior abstract paintings on canvas. I am a native born southern belle, born and raised in northern Louisiana, where I currently reside. I have traveled extensively and actually lived abroad in the southern part of Mexico for 7 years. The joie de vivre culture of my home state is seen in many of my paintings, as well as influences from my travels. The strong emphasis on color and musical movement is a direct influence from living in this beautiful place where even the food is an art! I have a passion for color and interior design that correlates with colorful yet soothing pieces of art.
 I have been painting professionally for 18 years . During that time I have owned my own gallery and have placed countless numbers of my works in private and public collections. My main focus is creating wonderful original abstract paintings and working one on one with my clients to create custom commissioned artwork for their spaces.
 My goal as an artist is to create art that resonates with the viewer, infusing color and mood into the spaces my work inhabits. Our souls get dusty with the daily monotony of life at times, and I believe my work helps reinfuse life, joy and vibrancy into day to day living.
My desire is that my art elevates the mood and awareness of a divine connection with the Creator, uplifting and bringing peace and happiness into the lives of the viewer. 
Through color, texture, markmaking and at times metallics, I paint a picture that I hope will bring joy and peace to a chaotic world, that instills a sense of knowing that we are made for so much more . That the divine love of God is all encompassing and waiting for us to reach out to Him, as He so dearly loves each of us.
 My desire is that my work would help create a joy filled sanctuary for each client that touches then in a very personal, deep way.